New Pokemon Black And White 2 Info Revealed, Includes A Lot Of New Content

Pokemon Black And White 2 has been underwraps for quite some time now but we're finally starting to get some solid information from the land of the rising sun. This month's Coro Coro has revealed a bunch of new information about the game.

The game will features brand new characters that sport a hip and athletic look. As always you will be able to choose between a male or female character (picture below). The cast also includes a brand new Rival who's apparently a childhood friend of our protagonist. There's also another character, the mysterious Akuroma, a Pokemon researcher who I bet is the new antagonist but don't hold me to that.


The two gym leaders are Homika who's the Poison type gym leader and Shizui who's the water gym leader. Coro Coro also revealed that Homika will be making an appearance in the June 14th version of the Anime.

Although the game is still set in good ol' Isshu, you will start your journey in a city called Hiougi City which is located south of the region. The city includes the standard Pokemon center, trainer school along with some other facilities.

The game will be hitting stores June 23rd just as rumored for ¥4,800.

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