Rise of the Ronin shows hang gliding, grapple hooking, and visceral swordplay in a Gameplay Overview trailer

Developer Team Ninja and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a comprehensive gameplay trailer for their new open world action RPG, Rise of the Ronin. Players get a glimpse of the game flow as they take control of a ronin in the Bakumatsu period of Japan.

The footage starts off with a the main character running around Yokohama and then decides to start grappling up onto nearby rooftops within mere seconds. He then takes flight as the main character seamlessly whips out the Avicula hang glider to soar freely and begins to utilize grapple points to maintain momentum mid-flight, then jumps onto a horse all in one motion.

Swordplay in Rise of the Ronin revolves around guarding and parrying to break an enemy's stance. As the enemy loses their balance, players can swoop in and get in a few swings. If they're able to sneak up to an unsuspecting foe, they can use their grappling hook to pull an enemy towards them instantly.

Some of the more complex combat sequences come into play when a large enemy equipped with claws show up. Multiple parries were executed to avoid taking damage and even had the main character parry an incoming dive attack from mid-air to throw the tricky foe off balance.

Swords and spears aren't the only weapons at the player's disposal. Western involvement with Japan defined the Bakumatsu period and with them came firearms. One of the firearms demonstrated in the new Rise of the Ronin footage is the Fire Pipe, which is ostensibly a flamethrower. Other weapons, such as the bayonet, allows players to mix in melee and ranged attacks simultaneously.

Watch all the new Rise of the Ronin gameplay footage down below, along with new details shared by Game Producer & Director Fumihiko Yasuda on the PlayStation Blog.

Rise of the Ronin launches on March 22 for PlayStation 5.

Today we’re excited to share a new look at the action-packed gameplay of Rise of the Ronin. We at Team Ninja are crafting a liberating open world bristling with tense combat opportunities that are woven together with a complex storyline. Let’s take a new look at freeform traversal options, combat mechanics, and the development of character relationships based on your actions.

Fighting like a Ronin

A variety of weapons are available for battling your enemies. In addition to Team Ninja’s signature swordplay, you can wield Japanese spears and ranged firearms, including foreign pistols. 

Hybrid Japanese-western weapons are also options. Use the the flamethrower-like Fire Pipe to roast groups and ignite flammable barrels or wield the bayonet to deflect blades and counter rifle blasts. Choosing your combat style and keeping your enemies’ armaments in mind is key to gaining advantage in battle.

As Team Ninja fans know, timing is key in melee combat. The new trailer showcases a heated battle between swordsmen where stance selection, blocking, and timed parries are critical to defeating foes. You can also wield a versatile Grappling Rope to pull distant enemies in during fights or perform a stealthy takedown on an unaware sentry. Players can also use the rope to launch themselves towards foes and close the gap.

Prepare to use every tool available to overcome the fearsome threats facing our fated Ronin.

Traversing Japan

Plenty of choices are available when covering ground in late 19th century Japan. Your grappling rope is useful outside combat to scale rooftops and other heights, allowing you to gain leverage in a flash. Mounting a trusty horse also allows you to gallop across open fields to mission objectives faster.

The ingenious Avicula is one of the traversal options we at Team Ninja are most excited about. This marvel of engineering allows you to instantly deploy a lightweight set of wings, perfect for gliding through the air. Players can sprint across rooftops, grapple to a distant height, and deploy their glider in midair, using the upward momentum to soar through the air. You can adjust your direction, speed, close wings at any moment, and get a stealthy drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Player choice

In addition to choices of combat and traversal styles, players can also impact Rise of the Ronin’s world with their actions during story missions. 

At one point in the new trailer, we see the player choose to help a character named Igashichi fight a group of hostile guards. This choice to help establishes a bond between these characters, lets players get to know Igashichi more deeply, and unlocks other game features. You’ll be able to make these choices with additional characters, such as Ryoma Sakamoto highlighted in a previous trailer.

Who you choose to develop a relationship with impacts how the story unfolds. However, there are no disadvantages to bonding with a character at the expense of another. Consider it even more variety for your next playthrough.

We can’t wait for everyone to immerse themselves in this world inspired by a compelling time in Japanese history. Embody a Ronin and forge your fate starting March 22, 2024.

Rise of the Ronin