Final Fantasy XIII-2's "last coliseum boss" detailed

Our earlier estimates were a bit off - FFXIII-2's next DLC won't be arriving until May 15th, but it looks to be at least half-way substantial.

As detailed by [email protected], Snow Villiers will have his own all-new episode. The episode's theme is "don't fight for me" and is meant to show the feelings Snow and Serah have for each other.

Valfodr, the true form of the coliseum's Arbiter of Time, will appear in the latter half of Snow's episode. You won't be fighting him just once though - you'll have to defeat him several times as he can use weapons, magic and summons. Defeat him once and he'll return even stronger.

Valfodr was added with the idea of him being the coliseum's "final boss" character. He'll be the strongest character in the arena and in the game as a whole. Naturally, you'll be able to capture both him and Snow as monster allies. Snow's capture rate is 30% and will join your party as an Attacker, while Valfodr's rate depend on his level, but will join you as a Blaster. Valfodr's attacks include Hellflame, Hellspark, Hellstorm, and Hellfreezer.

Director Motomu Toriyama hopes this episode will clear up both the mysteries behind Snow and the coliseum itself.

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