Thousand Games to release dungeon exploration RPG Quester | Osaka for PC Steam via Early Access

Thousand Games has opened a Steam page for Quester | Osaka, an indie dungeon exploration RPG with hack-and-slash elements designed by Kazushi Hagiwara and Hironori Kato. The studio will release the game first via Early Access in mid-February 2024.

The first Early Access release will only feature Japanese interface. However, Thousand Games noted in the Early Access notes that they plan to move into full release with additional English language support in two months time. Therefore, it can be assumed that April 2024 will be the approximate time for that.

The Japanese press release contains a tidbit not included in the Steam page description, in which Quester | Osaka contains a prequel story to the original Quester game. For additional note, the first Quester game has been available on Steam since mid-May 2023, and it also supports English in addition to Japanese.

Kazushi Hagiwara is an artist who is best known for creating the manga series Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy and the 2016 anime show Endride. However, Square Enix fans may also recognize him for his works in Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin on designing the Geomancer and Rune Fencer job equipment and characters. Meanwhile, Quester's game designer Hironori Kato is also known for designing physical games like the tabletop RPG version of Elden Ring.

You can find more details about Quester | Osaka as taken from the Steam page right below.

Quester | Osaka screenshots

"QUESTER | OSAKA" is a dungeon exploration RPG specializing in hack-and-slash.

  • Decadent future worldview created by manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara
  • Deep game system designed by Hironori Kato
  • Excitement and surprise of the PC games of the 80's

Full of challenging elements! A variety of 32 characters (8 classes), a large number of armaments that can be modified, skills to enjoy combos, a creature library, "NEW GAME+" to enjoy playing around, and more,

A story that explores the truth of the lost world.

The year is 20XX.
A virus harmful to the human body is spreading from a certain country.
As if by coincidence, natural disasters occur in various places.
The world is no longer able to maintain civilization.

The air is polluted and the water is stagnant,
Even to live, "aptitude" is required.

From Underground
Creepy creatures crawl out.

People lose most of their lives.

Under the torn sky,
Dive into civilization's ruins - dungeons - to survive,
to "search" for something.

What is QUESTER ?
a handful of people who survive in such an abandoned world.