Turn-based Roguelike RPG Goblin Stone launches on March 12 for PC

Orc Chop Games has announced that roguelike RPG Goblin Stone will launch on March 12 for PC (Steam, Epic).

A release announcement trailer, description, screenshots, and artwork can be found below, via Orc Chop Games.

Award-winning indie studio Orc Chop Games, has released a new trailer and announced that their Narrative turn-based RPG, Goblin Stone, will launch on Steam and Epic Games Store on March 12th for $24.99.

Developed by Orc Chop Games, Goblin Stone is an epic turn-based RPG with roguelike elements, where players help goblins survive after being hunted to near extinction. They will assemble a merry party of goblins and navigate a treacherous path to survival, battling nefarious adventurers, pompous elves, and grumpy dwarfs, in a world brought to life through nostalgic, storybook-inspired hand-drawn visuals. 

Goblin Stone's heartwarming narrative blends with strategic gameplay as players venture through procedurally-generated adventures, where permanent death heightens the stakes. Players will also build a sprawling underground lair, from the barracks to the war room, where a goblin breeding system allows them to combine the best goblin genes, improve their attributes and customize their fighters for the battles ahead. 

Goblin Stone is fully narrated by Scottish voice actor James Smillie, with music from award-winning composer Peter McConnell known for his work on Hearthstone, Psychonauts and Monkey Island.

Players can choose through hundreds of combinations between Goblin classes, weapons, abilities, map traversal. The game has over 40 hours of gameplay, 60 different enemy types, over 150 fully illustrated story images and 25 Boss battles.

Goblin Stone will be released on PC via Steam and Epic Games on March 12th.

Goblin Stone Screenshots
Goblin Stone Artwork