Baldur's Gate 3 patch 6 improves kissing, adds camp idle animations, alongside bug fixes

Larian Studios has released Patch 6 for Baldur's Gate 3, adding improved and varied kissing, camp idle animations, and numerous bug fixes, plus Honour Mode updates. You can also now change party members more easily while in camp.

An overview of the patch can be found below, via Larian. Full patch notes can be found here.

Ah, two days after Valentine’s Day. Cupid has shot his arrows, the chocolates have gone on sale, and the flowers have started to wilt. The perfect time to release a patch!

Patch 6 for Baldur’s Gate 3 launches today, and it’s packed full of quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and a little bit of romance. The full extent of today’s update has once again been defeated by the Steam character limit, so if you want to dive into the full notes, head to the official website here.

Still reading? Excellent, on with the show.

Love Is in the Air

We’ve made improvements to locking lips with your chosen romantic partner! All characters now have unique kisses that reflect their personality, with an emphasis on the plural. These kisses are randomised and vary from the incredibly romantic to… uh, a little more intense. Kisses have also been improved for shorter and taller body types, so embrace without delay.

A forehead kiss for tender moments or for when there’s a bit of food stuck to your eyebrow.

In addition to improved smooches, we’ve also improved some of our endgame cinematics to better reflect the connection between players and their partners - love truly has been in the air in the office, or perhaps it’s something in our air fresheners.

Every Whittle Helps: New Camp Animations & Improvements

Whilst exploring your campsite, you’ll notice new idle animations for some of your companions. Not everyone enjoys standing around, and these behaviours should help your campsite feel more alive. Though, we wouldn’t interrupt Shadowheart when she’s polishing her spear. In addition, you’ll now be able to dismiss a party member while speaking to the party member you want to replace them with - so no more going back and forth like a Machiavellian party planner!

Improvements and Fixes Galore

Patch 6 isn’t all ambience and canoodling, though. We’ve fixed a deluge of player-reported issues (Shield Bash fans, rejoice!), and made several tweaks and improvements to the game. If you’re playing in Honour Mode, expect a few extra surprises in the form of new Legendary Actions for bosses, and maybe a bit of extra trouble from a certain Mound. Good luck with that one.

We’ve also made some improvements to speaker selection. When dialogue triggers automatically, the game will now try to prioritise your avatar as the main speaker - so your party members should have less main character syndrome when clearly you’re the star of the show.

We continue to work on future updates to Baldur’s Gate 3, with further improvements, fixes, and patches yet to come, but before we dive into the full highlights for Patch 6, a warning about mods! If you experience issues after installing our latest update, please check whether the issue persists with mods uninstalled. Currently, mods aren’t officially supported, so some mods may become temporarily incompatible with new patches and hotfixes. If you continue to have issues after uninstalling all mods (yes, even that one), please reach out to our support team.

Patch 6 will be going live today on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and will require approximately 150GB of free space to install for those playing on PC and Steam Deck. If you find yourself without the space to install the update, we recommend uninstalling BG3 and then re-downloading the patched version.

We know Mac players will be keen to get hands-on with the latest fixes and improvements, but we’ll have to ask that you sit tight for a little longer while we continue to work on bringing future updates to Mac alongside PC versions. We truly appreciate your patience, and are sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll keep you updated with our progress, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook to see when Patch 6 will drop for you!