Sand Land provides an extensive Gameplay Overview trailer detailing exploration, combat, vehicles, and more

Bandai Namco has released a 9-minute gameplay overview trailer for Sand Land. It is the most thorough look yet at everything the upcoming action RPG has to offer from combat, skill upgrades, vehicular combat, and more.

The title takes place in a distant future deprived of water where demons and humans live together. Players control a demon named Beelzebub and he's accompanied by Sheriff Rao and Thief. Engage in melee combat when traversing the land on foot; Beelzebub throws down with his fists and can even grapple enemies to throw them around. There are times when players can sneak up on someone and incapacitate them through fear. People earn skill points to power up Beelzebub, which will grant him new abilities.

Sand Land also features multiple different vehicles each with their own specialty. The Jump-Bot can platform across cliffs, the Hover Car can float over water, and the Battle Armor is able to move heavy environmental objects, for instance. Players can carry up to five capsules containing a different vehicle to summon at will. Vehicles can be utilized both in and out of combat, so difficult foes may need to be dispatched with the aid of a trusty vehicle's arsenal. There is a large degree of freedom in how players want to outfit a vehicle's weaponry, performance, and color appearance.

Rao, Thief, and others possess their own skill trees that further assist Beelzebub in both exploration and combat. For example, a skill node on Thief makes it so enemies have a higher chance to drop more items when defeated.

Learn more about Sand Land in its Gameplay Overview trailer down below.

Sand Land launches on April 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam).

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