Rise of the Ronin reveals swappable Party Members in The Fight behind-the-scenes video

Team Ninja and Sony Interactive Entertainment have unveiled a new installment of their behind-the-scenes video series for Rise of the Ronin that primarily focuses on the combat system in the upcoming open world action RPG.

As with the previous World Vignette video and Behind the Scenes episode, it examines some of the research the staff did to tell the historical period that Rise of the Ronin portrays. They mention that during the Bakamatsu period in Japan, there were many philosophers that held different schools of thought that fell under pro- or anti-Shogunate ideologies. Team Ninja wants to examine the conflict during this delicate period in history through Rise of the Ronin.

Some of the gameplay footage shown off in this behind-the-scenes video involve how each weapon has different combat styles that can be enhanced by raising the bond level with certain characters.

During the Combat Preparation menu, people can pick a specific ally to accompany them in single player. They can swap and take direct control of that ally on the fly.

Rise of the Ronin comes forth on March 22 for PlayStation 5.

Join us in this second chapter of our Behind the Scenes series as we delve deeper into the combat features of Rise of the Ronin.

From the veteran developers of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden – Rise of the Ronin introduces deeply engaging yet accessible combat, with layers of complexity that caters to a variety of playstyles.

Learn more about melee and ranged weaponry, commanding unique special moves to prevail in combat in the world of 19th-century “Bakumatsu” Japan.