Co-op action RPG Dragonkin: The Banished announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

During the Nacon Connect 2024 live stream, publisher Nacon and developer Eko Software (Warhammer: Chaosbane) have announced Dragonkin: The Banished, a co-op isometric action RPG set to release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) in February 2025.

An annoucnement trailer, decsription, and screenshots can be found below, via Nacon and Eko Software.

Liberate A Ravaged World

In Dragonkin: The Banished, you wander a world corrupted by the blood of dragons that have caused evil creatures to appear. You play as one of four hero classes and set out to hunt and fight draconic monsters. Every enemy is one step closer to your ultimate goal: find and eliminate the Dragon Lords.

Four Heroes Ready To Hunt

All the heroes have developed their own skills and combat techniques to fight the dragons. As you progress through the game, you can develop and improve your character, equipment, wyrmling and Ancestral Grid.

  • (The Barbarian) The Ice Warrior: Like his father before him, he survived ingesting white dragon blood and acquired powers of ice without losing his humanity. He takes hits like a true barbarian, freezes his enemies and deals huge melee damage with his devastating axe and hammer. The more damage he takes, the more powerful his attacks.
  • (The Witch) The Draconic Oracle: Transformed by blood of the blue dragon, she dreams of a world in which dragons and humans can live together. She uses her electric draconic powers to keep enemies at a distance. The Witch often stays away from the melee where she can charge her spells and deal damage from range.
  • (The Knight) The Soldier of the Order: Trained in combat since childhood, he is a master of the fire lance and shield. He can resist all draconic corruption thanks to his determination and faith in the Eternal. He is the ideal balance between melee and ranged attacks thanks to his formidable lance, which also spits out flames.
  • (The Archer) The Tracker Archer: As the best hunter in her clan, she boasts outstanding skill. Her arsenal includes arrows, daggers, traps and draconic toxic substances. Ideal for ranged combat, she can also create a poisonous area around her to become unreachable.

Limitless Builds With The Ancestral Grid 

The Ancestral Grid is an innovative mechanic to level up your character and make them a unique fighter. Acquire abilities as combat loot, and place them in the grid next to a wide range of modifiers. Optimize the placement of these elements to define your fighting style and become more powerful. Each hero has their own grid and endless combinations of abilities and modifiers.

A World To Explore

Fight draconic monsters and learn its story by travelling across the world of Dragonkin.
Volcanic lands, frozen plains, ancient islands, toxic swamps and many other environments. As you hunt you will discover everything the world has to offer. Each region has its own culture, monsters and resources.

A City To Develop In Line With Your Vision

In the heart of the mountains, sheltered from dragons and their voices, lies a huge city and bastion of humanity.
This city grows and changes based on your decisions and discoveries. As you progress, decide which area of its development to focus on. Upgrade your buildings and find new inhabitants, equipment and additional services, on your own or with other players. All the heroes in your city can be involved in its development and can unlock new content.

Hunting As A Team

Embark on the adventure in local co-op with two players or online with up to four players. You can prolong your game experience by connecting to other players' games and by unlocking random dragon hunts once the story has been completed.