Rayka Studio announces creature-capturing fantasy-adventure RPG Yaoling: Mythical Journey

Today developers Rayka Studio announced Yaoling: Mythical Journey, a new creature-capturing RPG set in the spiritual "The Land of the Ancients", overseen by the Divine Jade Tree and inhabited my Yokai. Players will help build their own village, while also expelling demons to purify Yokai in an autobattle SRPG system where your gathered party work in tandem.

Alongside today's announcement, the Rayka has also released a trailer to showcase a bit more of what players can expect from the game whne it releases on PC (Steam).

There's no set release window for the game as of yet, though Rayka Studio claims that it's "coming soon" to the platform. Whether that means within the next few weeks, the next few months or the next few years is anyone's guess. Whenever it launches, it looks like a game to keep an eye on.

Hangzhou, China - 5th March 2024 - Developers Rayka Studio proudly announce Home of The Yokai - a beautiful Eastern fantasy-adventure RPG featuring an expansive semi-open world coming to Steam soon. Explore a vast spiritual land as you collect creature companions, build a village to call home, and expel demons in exhilarating auto-battling combat.

In Home of The Yokai, humans and mystical creatures known as Yokai live in close harmony in The Land of The Ancients - a realm overseen by the Divine Jade Tree. Peace has been shattered by a gloom-ridden force that’s corrupted the Yokai, turning them into feral shadows of their former selves. It’s up to you to purify the Land, Yokai, and Divine Tree as you venture on a journey to become a Yokai Keeper.

Collect over 300 different types of Yokai to mix and match and aid your team strategically in battles. Every Yokai has their own unique characteristics and traits, while their evolutions are full of surprises, so come and search for your perfect partners! Challenge the many Yokai Keepers schools across the Land of the Ancients, and test your strength!

  • Roam a Tranquil Realm - The Land of the Ancients is a vivid, magical place. Travel through deep forests, snow-laden flatlands, gloomy gorges and kingdoms of wonder, while being soothed by the enchanting soundtrack.
  • A Rich and Vast World - Forge bonds with nine recruitable village companions, seek out the thirteen schools of Yokai Keepers, and confront five savage demon lords!
  • Command your Yokai - Every Yokai has its own set of strengths and weaknesses - it’s up to you to arrange them into an effective strategy! Enact a tactical vision through swapping among different Yokai, abilities, and equipment.
  • Build and Manage - Yokai aren’t just here for battle. They can be hired to help you build up your own cozy village, where they’ll tackle various tasks from gardening, mining, cooking, crafting, and such and more! Join your companions in building a cozy place to call home.
  • Charmed - Dozens of unique charms will aid you in your adventures, from ones which heal and enhance your Yokai, to some that damage and debuff opponents, as well as ones essential for sealing and capturing. Casting charms outside of battle might bring you unexpected surprises too!
  • Liberate the land - Discover what’s behind the dark energy corrupting the Yokai. Bring together the varying schools of Yokai Keepers alongside your Yokai companions to cleanse these demons, purify the divine tree, and save the Land from the force of evil!

Home of the Yokai will be coming to Steam soon! To keep up to date with Home of The Yokai, make sure to follow the game on Steam. 

Yaoling: Mythical Journey Screenshots