Two new support apps to go with Pokemon Black and White 2 headed to the 3DS

Although Pokemon Black and White 2 are Nintendo DS games primarily you can still play them on your 3DS thanks to the console's backward compatibility. So to improve your Pokemon experience Nintendo is planning to release two support apps for the 3DS that will help you out on your journey to become a Pokemon master.


The announcement was part of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast (Via Andriasang) aired a few hours ago which stated that although the apps are optional they are meant to make your journey more enjoyable.



The first support app is the Pokemon AR searcher, which as you might have guessed already is an AR Pokemon catching games. The neat part is that all the Pokemon you catch in the game can be transferred to Pokemon Black and White 2! Pokemon AR searcher will be available on the Nintendo e-Shop on June 23rd for ¥300.


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The second support app is Zenkoku Zukan Pro which is an updated version of the Pokemon management program Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW released for the previous game. This app will be slightly expensive at ¥1,500 and will be available on the e-Shop on the 14th of July. Do note that the older app Rittai Zukan BW will be removed from the e-Shop on the 17th of June while the support ticket will last the rest of the year.


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