Outward 2 announced for consoles and PC

Nine Dots has announced Outward 2, an open-world action RPG set to release for PC (Steam) and unspecificed consoles. A release date has not been announced.

Earlier this week, Nine Dots Studio announced Nine Dots Publishing. In addition to Outward 2, the new publishing label has announced rogue-like Lost in Prayer (developed by Nine Dots Studio) and co-op survival dungeon crawler Witherbloom (developed by Ever Curious).

A pre-alpha trailer, press release, description, and screenshot/art set for Outward 2 can be found below, via Nine Dots.

Press Release

Developed in the footsteps of the original successful game (more than 1,3m units sold), the open world RPG Outward 2 will improve the gaming experience in every aspect. Get ready to explore a breathing world with year long calendar of events, unrivaled unique encounters and refined combat.


  • A world feeling more alive than ever: Countless non-combat encounters, impactful day/night cycles & seasonal weather conditions affecting NPC’s behavior and meaningful encounters for a poignant deeper story.
  • Improved character creation and progression: Major overhaul in the character’s appearance customization, brand new exercise tree and tasks to unlock improvements and more..
  • A refined combat system: Improved combat responsiveness and addition of the much requested dual-wielding!

Store Page Description

You are only human, and the life of an adventurer is perilous. It’s not just creatures and brigands that threatens you. Hunger, illness and the elements are all part of your journey into the vast regions of Aurai. But with sufficient preparation, even ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Your victories will be earned, not handed to you.

Key Features

  • A harsh difficulty that rewards preparation and ingenuity
  • High replay value with multiple branching storylines
  • Constant auto-saving means that you can’t go back on your choices and failures
  • Dynamic defeat scenarios to keep you on your toes
  • Simple but rich crafting system
  • Loads of content to explore across areas, equipment, combat skills and spells
  • A responsive and flexible combat system
  • Multi-step ritualistic magic with plenty of hidden effects
  • Play solo or cooperatively, online or in split screen
Outward 2