Multiplayer survival action RPG Witherbloom announced for consoles and PC

Publisher Nine Dots and developer Ever Curious have announced Witherbloom, a multiplayer survival action RPG set to release for unspecified consoles and PC (Steam). A release date has not been announced.

A pre-alpha trailer, press release, description, and screenshot/art set can be found below, via Nine Dots.

Press Release

Embark on 1-4 player dungeon raids in a surreal, post-apocalyptic fantasy. The world has been shattered, and its up to you to rebuild something meaningful... if you can survive. Begin alone within the safety of a small camp. Venture out and explore strange dungeons in search for the resources needed to expand and thrive, building a community along the way. Each dungeon run requires careful planning. Limited space encourage to predict your needs based on personal goals as well as the survival and combat challenges you expect to face.


  • Plunder at will: Loot the twisted realms of absent gods for loot, resources, survivors, and answers.
  • Build a dynamic Hub from your rewards: Forge relationships and make hard choices about who and what you will invest in.
  • Create a unique dual-class: Combine combat and survival classes to overcome twisted aberrations and harrowing survival gameplay.

Store Page Description

Venture into a surreal, post-apocalyptic fantasy while experiencing Witherbloom's unique combination of Survival-RPG and Dungeon Crawling. The world has been shattered, and its up to you to rebuild something meaningful... if you can survive.

Explore otherworldly labyrinthine dungeons

Enter the twisted realms of Ingenuity, Harmony, and Passion – the abandoned domains of absent gods. Gather loot, resources, survivors, and answers. But weigh your choices and decide when to retreat with your spoils. If you delve too deep for too long... death and worse will find you.

Endure a challenging mix of combat and survival

Plunder what you can while using your unique combat abilities to overcome the twisted aberrations that haunt these mysterious places; delve deeper using your survival abilities to succeed against the elements, hunger, injury, exhaustion, and the mysterious Withering. In Witherbloom, survival is not a marathon - each dungeon run is a survival-challenge, requiring careful planning and skill to overcome.

Forge a fresh start

Build a dynamic Hub with the NPCs and rewards you gather. Forge relationships and make hard choices about whom and what you will invest in. Improve your Hub, equipment, what you can craft, and what the characters in your Hub can do - all while you level up your own abilities across each run.

Choose your path with a new take on dual-classing

Combine a robust combat class with a dynamic survival class. There are 16 distinct dual-class combinations - including the Overseer, Ritualist, Guerrilla, and Predator – each with their own unique skill trees and utilities!

Rebuild a community - alone or with friends

Brave the dangers of Witherbloom alone, or experience its unique take on multiplayer-survival with up to four friends. Coordinate your survival and combat skills to overcome the dangers of the world as you forge your community.

Uncover meaning in a strange world shrouded in mystery

Witherbloom offers a beautiful and vibrant world unlike anything you have seen before. Its hand-crafted-levels, creatures, and items are inspired by frightening – and hopeful – psychological phenomenon. The deeper you delve, the more rewards, challenges, and mysteries you will uncover.

What awaits you within the deepest recesses of these forsaken places? Why did the gods abandon creation? What kind of society can you build when the entire world has lost meaning? Luxurious questions, if you survive to ask them.