Wandering Sword "The Southern Chronicles" free update now available - adds new storyline, new difficulty mode, and New Game +

Publisher Spiral Up Games and developer The Swordman Studio have released a free update to Wandering Sword, adding a new side storyline titled "The Southern Chronicles", as well as new difficulty modes and New Game +.

A Southern Chronicles Update trailer and description can be found below, bia Spiral Up Games.

Greetings Swordsmen!

We hope this message finds you ready for a whole new epic adventure because the Southern Chronicles Major Update is now LIVE! This update is packed with an array of new content and features designed to immerse you deeper into the world of Wandering Sword, so let’s dive right in and discover what’s new!

New Side Storyline - The Southern Chronicles

Your journey takes an exciting turn after meeting new companions from Wuxian Sect in the depths of Monkey Woods. You will find yourself plunged into a crisis involving the various Nanjiang tribes, Pili School, and even the Imperial Court. Venture deep into the mysterious Nanjiang, exploring new areas fraught with dangers and unprecedented monsters. Here, every step is a challenge, and every challenge is an opportunity to prove your mettle.

Prepare to encounter new characters and recruit martial artists who will either stand by your side as your most trusted allies or block your path as daunting adversaries. This journey is more than a test of strength—it's a quest to discover the true essence of heroism. How will your decisions shape the world around you?

Embarking On This New Adventure

There are 3 different methods to trigger the Southern Chronicles side storyline, all of which are detailed here in our Steam Guide. You can continue your adventure from an existing save, but we recommend using a save before the quest "[MAIN STORY] Become Martial Disciple."

For those of you who do not have a suitable save file, fret not! We've prepared a special save file with instructions just for you here , ensuring that everyone can immediately jump into this exciting new side storyline. Together with this new side storyline, here are some new features you can look forward to as well!

New Difficulty Modes

Prepare to tailor your martial arts journey to your liking with the difficulty selection feature! We’ve included multiple difficulty levels for you to select from, ranging from Easy, Normal (default), Hard, and Extreme. In higher difficulty modes, not only are the enemies’ stats adjusted, but they have enhanced senses to detect you when you are near them. However, your resilience will be rewarded with boosted Inheritance Points and rewards. This feature empowers you to shape your own legendary path in Wandering Sword, ensuring every journey is as relaxing or as adrenaline-fueled as you desire.

New Game +

For the veterans out there, every adventure heralds a new beginning! After completing the game, you will earn Inheritance Points. When starting a New Game after completing a full playthrough, you will begin your journey from the all new Inheritance Library, where you can then use your Inheritance points to exchange them for coins, meridian points, martial points, initial equipment, etc. Now, you’ll be ever-ready for your next playthrough!

Should you encounter any bugs during your gameplay, please do not hesitate to send in your bug report through this link. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your Wandering Sword journey is smooth and enjoyable.