First look at Final Fantasy XIII-2: Lightning's Story - Requiem of the Goddess

Square Enix has updated us with a first look at Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess.

Due out toward the end of May, Lightning vs Caius will be the third and final story DLC meant to bridge the gap between the main game's ending. Without giving away any spoilers, we hope to see it do just that.

As you can see in the screens, Lightning has all new roles including Blast-Wizard in addition to a "revised" Scene Drive, Scene Drive Kai.

Other shots include a closer look at Serah and Noel's new white and black mage costumes, along with Mog's 16 costume set. You'll be able to dress him in several outfits including panda, pirate, devil, kitty and even a flan.

All this content and more is scheduled to release in May. Exact dates and pricing have yet to be announced. To view new screenshots and artwork, check them out below or over in the Media Vault.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots
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