Sand Land further details the brand-new Forest Land region in its final Dev Diary

Bandai Namco Entertainment shared the final development diary for the upcoming game adaptation of Sand Land. It revolves around the new Forest Land region they recently detailed.

Producer Keishu Minami provides a broad overview over Forest Land that unlocks after the events that transpire in Sand Land. It provides all-new story content that extends beyond the original Sand Land manga source material. Forest Land is home to a vast array of new characters and creatures.

One of the major key characters in Forest Land is Ann, a woman with a mysterious past. Her character design was done by the late Akira Toriyama. Ann's encounter with Beelzebub's crew will be one of the primary plot points that starts the events surrounding Forest Land.

Minami also mentions that players will be able to travel back to Sand Land from Forest Land at any time to finish any lingering subquests they may still have in it.

Sand Land is launching on April 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam). A free demo is now available.

Samanta: Hello! Thanks for watching the Sand Box! This is, sadly, our last episode, but we have some super interesting stuff to dive into today!

Keishu Minami: Hello. I'm Keishu Minami and I am the producer of Sand Land! While this is the last episode, we've got information to share that we hope you'll find interesting.

Samanta: Recently, a new trailer revealed a new world beyond Sand Land! I'm sure everyone would love to hear about that...

Keishu Minami: Yes, Forest Land! Forest Land is a green world with lush vegetation, unlike Sand Land, which is a vast expanse of desert. Forest Land also has villages and towns where people live. Also, you'll be able to find new monsters. To explain in more detail, Sand Land and Forest Land was neighboring counteries that never have been on good terms. Until now, there has been a tacit understanding of non-aggression between the two, with only minor skirmishes near the border. However, due to a certain incident led to a disturbing development involving the Forest Land army.

Samanta: Well then, the relationship between Sand Land and Forest Land, being polar opposites, seems quite interesting indeed. The story of Sand Land, which is full of mysteries, is certainly interesting, but I'm sure many fans are curious as to what awaites them in the world beyond. Please tell us some highlights about what it's like to adventure in world of Forest Land.

Keishu Minami: The story's main character is Beelzebub, but there will be new characters and vehicles that we'll meet in Forest Land, as well as new enemies that stand in the way of Beelzebub and friends. The most interesting part involves the new original character Ann and the secrets regarding her past. I hope you'll enjoy playing the game to find out.

Samanta: So we'll be meeting new vehicles and characters in Forest Land! Ann seems to be playing a big role, but are there any other characters you'd like to introduce?

Keishu Minami: Well, there is a character named Rango who supports Beelzebub and friends in Forest Land. Just like there's the Kingdom of Sand Land, there's also a Forest Land Palace, but some of these characters do not think highly of fiends. I hope you'll see how these encounters and conflicts between Beelzebub and the new characters play out.

Samanta: So new adventures will unfold with Beelzebub and friends' new encounters! Are there any other elements you would like fans to look forward to?

Keishu Minami: Ann, who I mentioned briefly earlier, was designed by Toriyama-sensei! Sand Land and Forest Land are similarly voluminous, and some vehicles will be available as you progress through the story of Forest Land. You can also go back and forth between the two worlds at any time during the game, so you can return to Sand Land to complete any unfinished subquests, meaning you can play both worlds to the fullest! It's my hope you'll be able to fully experience the world of Beelzebub, his friends, and Toriyama-sensei's unique vehicles.

Samanta: It does indeed seem like the content is quite voluminous! Just imagining being able to explore not only Sand Land but also Forest Land as well is so exciting! Well then, we've learned some really amazing things about Sand Land and some really charming stuff that we have to look forward to. Thank you, Minami-san, for everything you've been able to tell us!

Keishu Minami: I'm glad to be able to tell everyone directly about some of the best parts of the game! We would be very happy if as many people as possible becomes interested in the game Sand Land and get to play it themselves. Please look forward to the release of the game!

Samanta: Thanks for watching our last episode, and make sure you're following the official Sand Land accounts linked below as we get ready for launch!