Legends of Dionysos is a 2.5D action RPG created by One Person in a Van that is releasing Q2 2024 on PC

Developer TheGamingVan has unveiled their new 2.5D solo indie developer-made action RPG Legends of Dionysos. It is releasing on PC (Steam) in Q2 2024 and a demo is available on Steam to try out the title.

Players embark on a journey in a medieval fantasy world. As they create their character at the start of the game, they can choose to either be a human or cat. Engage enemies in real-time combat; level up, loot enemies, and become stronger.

There is no tradtional class or job system in Legends of Dionysos. Instead, individual weapons determine the repertoire of spells people can cast at any given moment. Thus, players must switch weapons on-the-fly to fight optimally. It is completely up to the player which attributes they should be increasing to determine their own build and playstyle.

Learn more about Legends of Dionysos in the gameplay trailer down below, along with more information and screenshots.

Are you ready for an epic adventure like no other? Look no further than my new indie game "Legends of Dionysos", a 2.5D action adventure set in a dark medieval fantasy world. In this game, you can create and customize your own character and embark on a journey through a variety of breathtaking environments. Explore mysterious forests, snowy mountains, and ancient ruins as you battle fierce enemies.

You can customize his character at the start of the game. You can play as a human or cat and choose the hair and colors and appearance . Other main characters would be the squirrel Elinpai (needs to be rescued) and the evil dragon who captured the squirrel
Legends of Dionysos is a perfect fusion of jump n run / beat em up with rpg elements(enemies drop loot, character gets xp and raises level, and optimizes equipment).

The combat itself is pretty unique because you don't select a class, you have spells depending on the weapon you currently wield. It is possible and also mandatory to switch weapons while fighting to play optimally. The attribute system is also unique in the way that stats do not favor any class, there are no classes. You are all classes, because you have access to all weapons at any time. So each stat is valuable for you, it just depends on how you want to play. If you want to be tanky, get a lot of stamina. Strength increases the overall damage you do. Agility, your running and attacking speed, and intellect reduces the cooldown of your spells.

You will have to visit multiple different locations in an open world filled with monsters(snow mountain, keep, cave, forest, desert...).At each location there is an "arena" with a shrine. The shrine can be activated and then an event starts. You have to survive multiple waves of enemies and at the end a unique boss. These arenas can be replayed on a level of your choosing with keystones. Quests will guide you through the world to these locations.

This game was made by one person in a van :)

Legends of Dionysos