Remnant II channels the power of nature with the new Invoker Archetype coming in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC

Gunfire Games and Arc Games have more news to share about Remnant II  that follows up on last week's announcement of the title's second DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom. This time, they've provided a deeper look at the new Invoker Archetype that briefly showed off.

With the Invoker, players can harness the power of the jungle's Nature Spirits. Its Prime Perk, Visionary, doubles the base skill charges for all Archetypes; plus, activating the skill immediately reduces all skill cooldowns by 10%. Heavy weapons gain double base ammo with this Perk.

Their Way of Kaeula skill summons a devastating tidal wave that damages foes, as it supports all allies by granting them Haste to act faster. Way of Meidra is a crucial support skill that puts down a zone where enemies are inflicted with Gloom, while allies gain a constant heal over time along with lifesteal on targets that have Gloom on them.

Way of Lydusa, on the other hand, applies the Brittle effect on ranged damage, so those unfortunate enough to be hit by Brittle-inflicted projectiles are more likely to have critical hits proc on them, along with all critical hits having increased damage. Meanwhile, the Invoker gains Sand Shards from Brittle enemies with Way of Lydusa to utilize a devastating AOE Sandblast ability.

Learn more about the new Invoker Archetype coming to The Forgotten Kingdom DLC for Remnant II.

One of the biggest new additions to Remnant II's upcoming second premium DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom, is a brand new Archetype called the Invoker. Drawing strength from the Nature Spirits of Yaesha, the Invoker harnesses the mystic power of the jungle to enhance skills and unleash powerful attacks based on the unrelenting power of nature. This new Archetype will be available in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC for Remnant II, launching on April 23 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.  

Here’s a list of some of the new Archetype’s abilities: 

  • Prime Perk: Visionary - The Prime Perk, Visionary, allows players to supercharge their Skill usage by granting double Skill Charges and reducing Skill Cooldowns for both equipped Archetypes.
  • Skill: Way of Kaeula - The Invoker unleashes a powerful Tidal Wave while also causing a rainstorm that covers the battlefield. Enemies caught in the downpour are slowed and intermittently blasted by lightning, while allies gain Haste!
  • Skill: Way of Meidra - The Invoker reinvigorates the battlefield which causes enemies to contract Gloom. Allies standing on regenerated land gain a constant Heal over Time and Lifesteal against targets suffering from Gloom.
  • Skill: Way of Lydusa – Infuses the Invoker with the shredding power of Sand, causing Ranged Damage to apply Brittle. Enemies become more susceptible to Critical Strikes and Critical Damage, while the Invoker can utilize Sand Shards, collected from Brittle enemies, to cast a brutal AOE Sandblast. 
  • Archetype Trait: Gifted - Increases the duration of all applicable Skills which makes it a perfect unlock for players who want more time to take advantage of Remnant II’s many powerful Archetype buffs.

Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom arrives on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on April 23, 2024 for $9.99. Fans can purchase the DLC Bundle for $24.99 on April 23 to get The Awakened King DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom DLC and have access to the final DLC once it’s available sometime later this year. Those who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Remnant II have access to all DLCs at no additional cost.