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New Atelier Ayesha screenshots introduce Juris and Wilbell

Gust has updated us with brand new media and the introduction of two new characters in Atelier Ayesha: Juris and Wilbell.

Juris is a 20 year old hunter. He trains every day due to a belief that one will be recognized as a "true hunter" if one defeats an ancient dragon. Because of this, he hopes to make his own family's life easier, including a little sister who is of similar age to Ayesha.

One of Juris's skills is called "Counter Attack."

Wilbell Voll ErsLied is a 14 year old witch who is said to have unusual powers. She's on a witch's pilgrimage hoping to find a way to fly freely through the sky. She uses summon elements in battle along with an ability called "Meteor Storm."

Much like the previous Atelier series games, Ayesha makes use of the Cost Turn Battle system. Both enemies and allies take turns switching positions on a timetable depending on their actions. New features include position and distance. With position, you'll be able to use ranged magic more easily if your characters are grouped together, although this also means the enemy can strike back at you in the same way. Back attacks are also available and net you a critical attack each time they are used.

All of the new screenshots are available below. To see even more artwork, head on over to the Media Vault.

Atelier Ayesha Screenshots


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