Open World RPG Dread Delusion launches out of Steam Early Access on May 14

DreadXP and Lovely Hellscape have revealed that Dread Delusion, an open world RPG inspired by King's Field and Morrowind, will be releasing out of Steam Early Access on May 14. The game is currently only confirmed for a PC release, though ahead of the full launch the game has already been Steam Deck Verified.

To commemorate the release date announcement, a new trailer has been revealed. In Dread Delusion, players journey across floating islands - all that remain of a shattered land. 

Dread Delusion Screenshots

Los Angeles, USA - April 30, 2024 — Independent games publisher DreadXP is excited to announce the long-awaited full release of the open world RPG Dread Delusion. The expansive quest-filled adventure, steeped with just the right amount of horror by developer Lovely Hellplace, is leaving a successful run in Early Access for full release on May 14, 2024. Eager fans of the genre can finally experience the full extent of its fantastical shattered lands rich with sights to explore, stories to unfold, and perils to overcome.

The world is broken. Its surface seethes with an undead curse, while humanity clings to flying continents in the sky. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, these strange places and their denizens await you. Will you find a way to mend this fractured world - or seek power and profit for yourself? Dread Delusion delivers engaging narrative and imaginative worldbuilding through its many multiple-ending quests and flexible gameplay style that any fan of the genre’s classics will love and recognize.  Carve your own path, explore many fantasy towns, venture forth on quests, and speak with the locals to unravel the strange world around you. A keen mind or charming wit can prove just as useful as a sharp sword and mighty spells– your decisions have the power to shape how the story unfolds.

Dread Delusion has been on Steam Early Access since June 2022 and developer Lovely Hellplace has continuously updated the retro-inspired and exploration-centric RPG with new content and improvements to much fanbase acclaim. With the upcoming 1.0 release, Dread Delusion adds a new realm called the Underlands, new towns, new dungeons, new quests, new endgame content, cursed enemies, countless pages of dialogue and lore, and much more. 


  • A world-spanning quest to decide the fate of the land in a beautiful retro 3D aesthetic and full of unique characters, creatures, challenges, and treasure.
  • Build your character to face challenges the way you want. There’s always an alternative to combat: charm NPCs, pick locks, harness forbidden knowledge and more…
  • Use Smithing and Alchemy to upgrade equipment - turn a rusty blade into a Master Crafted Clockwork Sword.
  • Gameplay inspired by classic RPGs of the 2000s.
  • Wield a variety of powerful spells and potions to bend reality to your will.
  • Join or Oppose various Factions as they pursue their own goals