Metaphor: ReFantazio gives a deeper look at social activities, quest deadlines, dungeon preparation, and more

Atlus has released more information on Metaphor: ReFantazio detailing various systems and mechanics that were briefly displayed in the presentation that announced its October 11 release date. Learn how the action and turn-based battles work in tandem through the Fast & Squad system. Customize the capabilities of your party through Archetype classes. Venture around the world, gain followers, and become the next king to save the land.

Metaphor: ReFantazio has players utilize a vehicle called the Gauntlet Runner to travel to various places throughout the world. Players usually have a set amount of time to stay at each place and they must complete the main objective there before the time limit expires. Atlus explicitly mentions that the "difficulty level of battles in this game is intentionally made to be high", so people have to properly consider their party composition and tactics before tackling dungeons.

As players gain followers, new Archetype classes will become available to further enhance their combat options. The Archetype Tree screen teases that many Archetypes will be offered in Metaphor Re:Fantazio - all with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

The new town that was introduced in the Atlus Exclusive broadcast, Martira, was further expanded upon. It is famous for a local cuisine using a specific type of larvae as it faces a giant sandworm problem.

Learn more about Metaphor: ReFantazio down below. It will launch on October 11 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) worldwide simultaneously.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Gameplay Mechanics

Fast & Squad

The "Fast & Squad" battle system allows players to fight in dungeons in a way that has not been possible in turn-based battles to date. ​Players can switch between real time action that directly attacks the enemy when navigating in the dungeon, "Fast", and the turn base command battle, "Squad".

Fae Sight

Fae Sight is an ability used by the protagonist's partner, the fairy Gallica. It can detect its surroundings and understand the danger level of enemies.​ ​It allows you to understand the strength of the monsters that await you in dangerous dungeons, allowing you to choose the way you fight.


"Fast" is an effective way to fight a lower-ranked enemy you have already fought previously.​ ​On the field, you can also use the lock-on function, dash, and evade. If you wipe out enemies with "Fast" while watching out for their attacks, you will be able to comfortably proceed with your dungeon exploration.​ ​In addition, since the "Fast" attack style depends on the Archetypes equipped by the player, finding a specific "Fast" fighting style that suits you will also be important in navigating the dungeons.


Enemies indicated in yellow or red through Gallica's Fae Sight are monsters that pose a danger to the protagonist. Strong enemies cannot be defeated through “Fast” battle, so it is effective to shift to the “Squad” command battle.​ ​Also, continuing to attack in “Fast” battle allows you to stun the enemy and start a command battle with an advantage.

Command Battle

In this game, command battles can be fought by configuring a party of up to four people.​ ​The number of members in your party increases to seven as the story progresses, making it possible to create a variety of party configurations that fully utilize each character's individuality.​ ​While fighting in turn-based mode usually involves selecting actions from multiple commands, in this game, commands can be selected with the touch of a button, allowing the battle to proceed at a faster pace.​ ​During command battles, the protagonists can transform into awakened Archetypes. Each Archetype has its own special skills, and equipping Archetypes with skills that strike the enemy's weaknesses allows you to get the advantage in battle.​ ​At the same time, each Archetype is unique and has various strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages.​
​In command battles, party configuration is the key to dungeon exploration. Furthermore, during command battles, players can make various choices, such as handing over their turn to the next member, switching between front and back rows, and switching party members. Players are required to assess the battle situation and use a variety of tactics to fight.​ ​In addition, the difficulty level of battles in this game is intentionally made to be high, designed to emphasize the tension of deliberating and selecting commands to earn a great sense of accomplishment that comes with victory.​

Dungeon Infested with Powerful Woes

A labyrinth that lures travelers to their death. On your journey to claiming the throne as the protagonist, you will face numerous perilous dungeons.​ 
Dungeons are filled with powerful enemies and numerous obstacles that stand in your way. However, valuable treasures and powerful armaments make it worth the challenge.​ 
There are two types of dungeons in this work: “main dungeons," which you’ll traverse as part of the main storyline and "side dungeons," which appear in side quests and other challenges.​

Metaphor: ReFantazio Archetype Mechanics

What is an Archetype?

The protagonist faces their own fears, forming bonds with their supportive followers to awaken the power of heroic images, Archetypes, by building a relationship of trust.​ By awakening Archetypes, the protagonists can transform into Archetypes during command battles if they have them equipped.​
Archetypes are diverse, each with different abilities and personalities. There are a variety of archetypes, from the basic Seeker, who is an all-rounder in battle, the Mage, who strikes weaknesses with offensive magic, to the Thief, who can plunder resources. Players will have to decide which Archetypes to awaken and how to configure their members to create a stronger party.​
Metaphor: ReFantazio Archetypes

Party & Archetypes Formation

Party Configuration: The protagonist party members are rich in unique characteristics. The Archetypes possessed by the party members and the combination of Archetypes will greatly change the strategy in Turn Based battles.
Archetype Configuration: When a party member awakens a new Archetype, said Archetype will be available to swap with other Archetypes. By analyzing the dungeon you’re headed to and the enemies that dwell there, equip party members with appropriate Archetypes that fit the situation, allowing you to face even stronger foes.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Social Mechanics

Form Bonds, Earn Supporters

The protagonist will meet and befriend various people over his journey. As he continues to deepen these bonds, these followers will become his strongest supporters. Interaction with these followers is also an important part of the journey, as the strengthening of these bonds can lead to Archetype awakenings as well as the acquisition of various other abilities.

Followers’ Stories

Interacting with followers will unlock their side stories and allows for a deeper storytelling experience.​ ​Each follower has their own unique story and background, and following their stories in addition to the main story is part of the appeal of this game.
It's up to the player to decide which followers to prioritize interacting with. The way the journey is spent will greatly influence party development and the story experience.

The “Gauntlet Runner,” a Leg of the Journey

No one can safely travel the dangerous area between large areas, referred to as wastelands, as bandits and monsters roam there.​ A "gauntlet runner" is a large armored vehicle designed to move safely through such a wilderness.
It is a vehicle with a self propelled mechanism powered by magic, or a “mobile base”, if you will. The protagonists will travel around the country in their gauntlet runner to gain support.

Spending Time in the Gauntlet Runner

While on the road in your gauntlet runner, you can take various actions in the vehicle, as if it were a campervan. You may cook, read a book, talk with your friends, or take a nap if there is nothing to do.
Inside the vehicle, the protagonists can use multiple areas such as the war room, kitchen, lounge, and other facilities, and by stepping out onto the deck, they can experience the vastness of the world they are traveling through in their gauntlet runner, making the journey a travel experience on itself.​ The variety of activities and events that occur with gauntlet runners is a unique feature of this game.

The World of Metaphor: ReFantazio

The Old Castle Town Martira

Martira, Old Castle Town, is a pastoral town that is a complete shift from the Royal Capital.​
This town is famous for its local cuisine using a specific type of larvae, served to entertain tourists.
At first glance, the town appears peaceful, but the surrounding desert is home to a monster called the "Giant Sandworm", instilling fear among the residents, not to mention a certain incident that is also endangering them.​ The protagonists will be confronted with the events taking place in this town.​

Recruitment Centre and Bounties

In each town the protagonists visit, there is a facility called the "Recruitment Centre" where requests such as defeating monsters threatening the town are posted. There are chances of obtaining valuable items as well as bounty rewards by completing the requests. However, be warned that these requests will be dangerous, so it will be important to be careful in which ones to accept.

Tavern and Informant

Each of the towns the protagonists visit has a tavern, a place where the people of the town relax. ​ The protagonists will probably stop by the tavern for a meal during their stay in various areas.​
In these taverns, there are also informants who sell a variety of information. The information available ranges from local specialties to information on the demons that haunt the area.​ Although information can be expensive at times, it is important to use the informants to find out enemy traits in preparation of dungeon exploration and use this information to form a more effective party.

Weapon & Former Shops

In addition to acquiring them in dungeons, equipment for party members can also be obtained at weapon and armor shops in town.​
In addition to buying and selling armor, you can also have unidentifiable loots from the dungeon appraised. It will be a must-stop shop before and after exploring dangerous dungeons.


You can relax after a tiring trip at inns. It is a good place to check if there is anything left to do in the day’s activities and to think about future travel plans. In this game, it is a place where you can choose to end the day and welcome the next.

Complete Quests, Help Those in Need

The protagonists must "conquer the main quest within their designated period of stay" in each region, but side quests will be key in making that happen.
Side quests are requests from people you meet on your journey to hunt, explore, investigate, and earn various rewards for completing them. You’ll encounter strong enemies as part of some these quests, while others offer rare equipment.
Among the abundant side quests, players are free to choose which ones to take on first.​ To complete the main quest by the deadline, utilizing side quests will be an important option in strengthening the party.

Town Map

Opening the map allows you to check the places you have visited previously.​ The map shows the player's location, and the player can instantly move to their desired spot by selecting a registered location within the town their currently in.
This function allows for convenient traveling around large cities and their various facilities.

Traveling Around the World

In order to save the cursed prince thought dead, the protagonists decides to partake in the "Royal Tournament". To become the king, they need to be the most popular in the country, and in order to win the trust of the people of the country over powerful rivals, the protagonist embarks on a journey around the world.​ The time limit to decide for the next king is about six months. Will the protagonists be able to gather the trust of the people in the given time? And what can they accomplish in that period?​

Realistic Daily Life on the Road

In this game, the concept of "dates" exists so that players can enjoy a realistic experience of daily life while traveling. In today’s world, travel often has a fixed itinerary, such as three days and two nights. Similarly, players can enjoy spending time at each place of stay in this game as if it were a modern person’s travel experience.​ During the journey, the protagonists will visit a variety of places, including bustling, developed cities like the Royal Capital, pastoral towns, and waterfront cities.
And at each place of stay, various encounters and incidents await: the people who live there, unique facilities, local specialties, and sometimes monsters that threaten the locals.​ What to do, when to do it, and where to go within a limited period—the choice is entirely up to the player. The "realistic sensation" of travel unique to this work can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Royal Capital Grand Trad

The capital of the Kingdom of Euchronia, which is where this game takes place.​ A city where many people come and go and where various Tribes live. The well-maintained streets and bustling markets give an impression of splendor.​
On the other hand, there is an execution site in the backstreets of the town, and people with nowhere to go cower by the side of the road.​ In the world of this game, the gap between rich and poor and discrimination are widespread. Even here in the Royal Capital, various problems have arisen, and it seems that more than just a few people are living with anxiety.
Metaphor: ReFantazio Screenshots