Koei Tecmo gives sales updates for Fate/Samurai Remnant, Atelier Marie Remake, and Rise of the Ronin

Koei Tecmo has posted its financial results [PDF] for the full year (April 2023 to March 2024), offering some sales number updates and insight into a handful of its role-playing game slate released in the year.

Two titles are given a hard shipment number for global lifetime sales:

Although Koei Tecmo doesn't give a hard sales number for Rise of the Ronin, the company does state that the game's sales "are surpassing the Nioh series", although the specifics of this comparison are uncertain. However, Koei Temco also states that major titles released in the year have not yet reached their sales targets, which is potentially why a number isn't given for total sales of Rise of the Ronin.

Koei Tecmo only has one announced game for the upcoming fiscal year in Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake, but also notes that "multiple new titles are under development".