Legends of Dionysos launches on June 6 for PC via Steam

TheGamingVan has announced that Legends of Dionysos will be releasing on June 6 for PC (Steam). The action RPG was created by a solo developer in a van. A demo for the game is available on Steam and itch.io.

As mentioned previously in the initial news post for the title, Legends of Dionysos possesses a 2.5D perspective where players travel from left to right battling hordes of enemies. A player's character will pick up different weapons that determine their current skills and capabilities.

Legends of Dionysos infuses the pace of a beat 'em up style game with RPG elements as players make decisions on which stats to level up, along with loot drops to consider. Since the game has no classes, players are given the freedom to explore unconventional builds at their leisure.