XSEED quietly cancels Grand Knights History localization

Unfortunate news, JRPG fans. XSEED is no longer bringing Vanillaware's Grand Knights History to the west.

In a statement sent to the editor-in-chief over at RPGamer, "XSEED Games has confirmed it will not publish Grand Knights History in North America as previously announced. Unfortunately, it was determined that development resources required to localize the game were not available, necessitating its cancellation. We regret not being able to bring the game to our fans, but we are committed to our 2012 lineup and look forward to sharing more on these games in the coming weeks and months."

Despite the game's translation being completely finished, it seems Vanillaware just didn't want to commit the resources, or so we've heard.

So there you have it. After months of silence the end result is clear.... most disappointing indeed.