Yuri dungeon crawler Witch and Lilies enters Early Access on May 24 for Steam

Stromatosoft has announced that their upcoming yuri (girls love) dungeon crawler RPG Witch and Lilies is launching in Steam Early Access on May 24. At the time of this reporting, there has been no indication for how long Witch and Lilies will remain in Early Access. It will be priced at $24.99 USD, £20.99 GBP, ¥3,480 JPY.

In his trip to Tokyo Game Show 2023, James discovered Witch and Lilies; he expressed that this debut project from Stromatosoft feels remarkably strong

A new trailer for Witch and Lilies was released that introduces more of its characters and provides new gameplay footage as it announces its May 24 Steam Early Access release date. Each party member has a relationship bar with every other member that will enhance their capabilities the stronger their relationship is.

Watch the new trailer for Witch and Lilies down below, along with more information.

Stromatosoft Co. Ltd is pleased to share that their upcoming yuri (girls love) themed dungeon RPG, “Witch and Lilies” will have its early access release on May 24th! This game, which surpassed its 2022 crowdfunding goal by 2100%, comes fully voiced by some of Japan’s most well-known and rising star voice actors. To commemorate, we’re releasing the latest promotional video featuring the game’s theme song sung by J-pop idol, Marina Horiuchi (LiveRevolt).

Fall in Love with Witch and Lilies

Witch and Lilies is a 3D dungeon-crawling RPG where players foster romantic relationships between the female characters. Form a party of five girls across ten unique classes and traverse through dangerous dungeons - all while managing the relationships between them! At the end, uncover the mystery of the original witch who created this world.

The game is inspired by classic dungeon-based RPGs but backed by a unique romance simulator as the main game system. Witch and Lilies is a crowdfunded title from September 2022 that received more than 2100% of its original goal thanks to the support of gamers and the girls-love community.

A Breathtaking Promotional Video

Our latest video is an adorable look into the characters of the game! Keep an eye out for dating and confession scenes, as well as a glimpse of what the romance system looks like. The soundtrack is “Dog-ear” by Marina Horiuchi, the perfect song to set the scene for some lovin’!

Voice Acting Cast

Trim: Aimi Tanaka

Grace: Ikumi Hasegawa (Ikuyo Kita in Bocchi the Rock!)

Nike: Ozeki Eri (Minako Satake in THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE!)

Iris: Maria Naganawa (Komugi Inukai in Wonderful Pretty Cure!)

Caligari: Nene Hieda (Belano in Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers)

Dolores: Riho Sugiyama (Minare Koda in Wave, Listen to Me!)

Chrysalis: Natsumi Takamori (Miku Maekawa in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)

Yugan: Hiroshi Nakamura

Chloe: Nene Hieda

Dominic: Aimi Tanaka

Hiiragi: Riho Sugiyama

Nushi: Mafia Kajita

Moni Lord: Moni Yoshimochi

Additional Character voices by: Hazuki Ogino, Hitomi Kitazaki, Yuki Kyoka, Shina Shuto, Rena Takeshita

About the Theme Song

Theme song title: Dog-ear

Lyrics: Sofllan Daichi, Motoki Saito

Composition and Arrangement: Motoki Saito

Vocals: Marina Horiuchi