Dragon Age: Dreadwolf renamed to Dragon Age: The Veilguard and new info coming June 11

Bioware has announced that they've renamed the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Dreadwolf to Dragon Age: The Veilguard today on X/Twitter. New information is coming for Dragon Age: The Veilguard on June 11 with a 15-minute gameplay reveal. This is the next mainline installment for the Dragon Age series; it first got its Dragon Age: Dreadwolf on June 2022.

The project has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout the years as Bioware reported that it completed its Alpha milestone on October 2022. Then, the project's Production Director, Mac Walters, left Bioware in January 2023. The last we heard from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (now Dragon Age: The Veilguard) was last December in which it was only a brief teaser for the upcoming developments it will share in a few days.

There has been no release platforms or release date shared yet for the next game in the Dragon Age series.

In a new blog post, BioWare has revealed that there will be seven companions aiding the player in Dragon Age: The Veilguard. They also claim that they changed the name to reflect the heart of the story which revolves around the heroes, not the villains.

Hi everyone,

Summer is nearly upon us, and as promised, we’re ready to provide an update on our big reveal. We’d like to invite the world to join us on Tuesday, June 11, for the official first look at gameplay for the next Dragon Age!

After Dragon Age: Inquisition launched, the studio was given an incredible opportunity to explore, test, and validate a variety of gameplay concepts as we worked to determine what the next Dragon Age could look like. We brought everything to the table which, yes, even included a multiplayer concept. The time we spent experimenting and iterating gradually taught us a lot. This work, and the amazing support from EA, helped us re-focus on creating an incredible single player game, with all the choices, characters and world building you’d expect from us.

At BioWare, we create worlds of adventure, conflict and companionship, where you’re at the center of it all. As fans of our franchise know, every Dragon Age game has delivered a new standalone story. Set in the world of Thedas, these tales explore epic locales and threats, always thrusting you into a new conflict. Each game also introduces a new lead hero – The Warden, Hawke, The Inquisitor – that you can call your own. You can expect all that, and more, with the new game. And of course, much like your unique hero, it wouldn’t be a Dragon Age game without an amazing cast of companions – right? 

Each of the seven unique characters that make up your companions will have deep and compelling storylines where the decisions you make will impact your relationships with them – as well as their lives. You’ll unite this team of unforgettable heroes as you take on a terrifying new threat unleashed on the world. Naturally, the Dread Wolf still has an important part in this tale, but you and your companions – not your enemies – are the heart of this new experience.

So, to capture what this game is all about, we changed the name as the original title didn’t show just how strongly we feel about our new heroes, their stories and how you’ll need to bring them together to save all of Thedas.

We proudly introduce to you Dragon Age: The Veilguard.