Strategy RPG WILD Tactics squads up anthropomorphic animals to PC via Steam

Developer The Wild Gentlemen and publisher Joystick Ventures announced their upcoming strategy RPG WILD Tactics at the Guerilla Collective 2024 event. The Wild Gentlement previous developed 2020 narrative noir adventure Chicken Police - Paint it RED! that was widely positively received by players. WILD Tactics is coming to PC via Steam.

This game has players construct squads of various anthromorphic animals as they wage war against organized crime in the city of Clawville. It possesses a '50s-era aesthetic and players command a secret strike force, the W.I.L.D. Squad, as the police force can longer contain how rampant crime has become.

There is a weapon upgrade system in WILD Tactics that will enhance its stats and WILD Tactics features 12 playable characters. Plus, there'll be side missions, along with management systems for both the squad and base available to players.

Watch the announcement trailer for WILD Tactics down below, along with more information and first screenshots.

A WILD world needs WILD tactics!

WILD Tactics is a tactical action game with turn-based combat and a detailed, deeply crafted narrative. Set in the World of Wilderness, a universe populated by animals, in an age on the brink of collapse. Focusing on gritty and dark themes, ‘50s aesthetic, and the struggles of a diverse cast of characters, the game presents a harsh world that desperately needs heroes.

Too bad it only got the WILD squad…


WILD Tactics features the well-known XCOM-like combat system with unique takes on the beloved gameplay mechanics.

Take cover, use ranged and melee attacks, and find creative ways to use the character’s special abilities, all in a dynamic turn-based system where every move has an impact and every bad decision counts!


The city of Clawville was built on a utopian dream. A dream that all animals can live in peace with each other. But the dream is collapsing and the city is on fire! The Crown is helpless, animals are in panic, and the streets are ruled by criminal gangs. The police force's last resort is a secret strike force of outcasts, criminals, mercenaries, and ex-soldiers, who are being given powers that go far beyond police authority. This is the W.I.L.D. Squad!

The game emphasizes the narrative as much as the combat! Get to know the ragtag crew of misfits, assemble your favorite team, and witness as the story unfolds through cutscenes and dialogues in 15 action-packed story-oriented missions.

Social system

Team dynamics are important in a special task force like the WILD. All the characters have different relationships with each other, giving them various buffs and debuffs. Hate, love, or friendship, each influences the battles differently. These relationships can be upgraded or downgraded, based on the character’s performance in combat and on the time they spend together.

Squad Tactics

Pick the right animal for the job, upgrade their weapons, and equip them with useful items to make the best of your team.

Unlock new skills or upgrade the old ones to strengthen your men.


  • 12 hero characters with deep backstories and complex relationships
  • 15 huge story-oriented missions
  • Plenty of side-missions
  • Squad and base management
  • Weapon upgrading
  • A unique and meaningful social system
  • And an amazing original soundtrack
WILD Tactics