Sidescroller beat 'em up RPG Immortal Hunters fights back the forces of evil this Summer on Steam

Admiral Games released a trailer for their upcoming sidescroller beat 'em up RPG Immortal Hunters at the Guerilla Collective 2024 event. In a Steam blog post on May 24, the developers announced that they signed a contract with Freedom Games to help them release it on Steam this Summer. A demo for the title is available to download on their Steam page at the time of writing.

While the game is beatable solo, Admiral Games has emphasized the co-op aspect of Immortal Hunters as players can take up to three friends to fight with them. There are four playable characters that have entirely unique movesets, skills, and abilities.

The story places in the city of Inholm, which has been devastated by the Khemrid invasion. Completing missions rewards players with equipment to further enhance their character's capabilities.

Watch the trailer for Immortal Hunters below, along with more information provided by Admiral Games about their partnership with Freedom Games and screenshots for their upcoming RPG.

We have long wanted to share this great news with you and finally we can do it!
Admiral Games has signed a contract with the Freedom Games, so The Immortal
Hunters will be released on Steam in Summer. Thanks to everyone who waited for
this moment with us.

The story of Inholm, a city that survived the Khemrid invasion, will come to life on your screens. Four Hunters with their own set of abilities and unique playstyles will confront the hordes of the underworld creatures really soon. Take up to three friends on your team and go fight the evil beasts in co-op mode. Or challenge yourself and try to beat the game alone. As a reward for completing missions you will receive equipment, feel free to combine it to get advantages and increase the character’s effectiveness significantly.

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A fruitful cooperation with our publisher made this game possible. Freedom games are definitely great guys and we believe that our cooperation will bring our game to more gamers. Choosing among many publishers, we settled on this one, since they have a great track record of helping other indie games reach more players.

For those of you who may not know, having a game publisher like Freedom Games greatly helps indie developers focus on game development while they handle all the behind-the-scenes magic. From helping manage store pages to crafting marketing campaigns and even helping the game shine at both digital and live events, publishers help in all the aspects that indie developers often struggle with.

Our journey has just begun, but an important milestone has already been passed. Thanks to our colleagues for the great work on this exciting project, and thank you, dear players, for your attention and support. See you at the release!

Immortal Hunters