Sidescroller roguelike action RPG Dragon is Dead now available via Steam Early Access

Publisher PM Studios and developer TeamSuneat have today released Dragon is Dead via Steam Early Access. The side-scrolling roguelike action RPG is priced at $19.99 with a 10% discount for the first week.

According to the Steam page, the Early Access period is expected to last around one year as the developer incorporates feedback and balancing into the game. An Early Access Roadmap can be found here.

A launch trailer, store page description, and screenshot set can be found below, via PM Studios.

All dragons who have challenged the gods have fallen, except for Guernian. The leader of the Dark Dragons, who has lost all of his kind to the Gods and has embraced evil, is corrupting the world with his rift.

Filled with rage and madness, you must become the Dragon Slayer who can stop Guernian. Slay Guernian and free the survivors from their suffering.

Defeat the twisted monsters and giant, terrifying foes that Guernian has created. Armed with a variety of skills and equipment, as well as dragon-tongue runes that amplify their effects, adventurers can take down any foe.

Don't be afraid of death and take on the challenge to perfect your skills, master your abilities, and equip yourself with powerful equipment.

  • Battle with Demons: Players face the demons of Guernian. Recognize their patterns and exploit their weaknesses to defeat them.

  • Diverse Skill Builds: Experience different skill builds with unique characters.

  • Equipment: Players can retain the power of their equipment and runes even when they die. Legendary equipment can be crafted by collecting and combining the runes from slayed demons.

  • A Roguelite with the Tension of Choice: The artifacts you equip will trigger different synergies depending on the combination. Complete the best synergies for your skill build and you'll experience powerful growth.

Dragon is Dead