Cris Tales developer Dreams Uncorporated announces Prisma with a planned Kickstarter coming for the turn-based RPG

Dreams Uncorporated, the developers of 2021's Cris Tales, unveiled their next project - a turn-based RPG named Prisma. It will see release on Steam, but to platforms or release date has been revealed. The developers will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for it in the near future.

The teaser trailer provides a tiny glimpse of Prisma that it's a story told from different perspectives. A large component of the game will be about photography as their main character meets new friends and enemies.

It seems to adopt a similar 2D side-scrolling navigation style to Cris Tales, though concere information of the title has yet to be finalized.

Watch the teaser trailer for Prisma down below, alongside a description and some screenshots.

This is the story of Alma, a girl that receives strange powers from an old Camera containing a magical Prism Shard, and is transported to another world alongside other Almas from different universes.

Prisma mixes Latin American and Japanese Cultures, traditional RPGs and innovative mechanics, in a multiverse story seen through different perspectives.

Prisma is a captivating 2D Japanese-inspired RPG where play as Alma, a photographer unexpectedly thrust into a parallel universe filled with various versions of herself. These doppelgängers, whether they become allies or adversaries, contribute to a storyline as intricate as the visually stunning world that defines the game. Your camera empowers you to manipulate the world through effects and filters, turning turn-based battles into a mesmerizing interplay of strategy and artistry.

You will form a party with different Almas, who will try to align your opinion with their view. Each decision will make your bond stronger with the respective Alma, allowing for unique story progression.