Open-world tactical RPG Happy Bastards has players take command of a despicable bunch of mercenaries on PC

Clever Plays, the developers of Operation: Tango, have pulled back the curtain on open-world tactical RPG Happy Bastards. It is coming to PC (Steam), though no release date has been announced. The title features turn-based combat and real-time world exploration as players lead a squad of mercenaries around the land, in search of glory and fame.

Players take on the role of a despicable opportunist named Kev. Some of the features that Clever Plays have highlighted is making deals with monsters and seducing elves into one-night stands. Each mercenary that players recruit are procedurally-generated with their own appearance, skills, attributes, perks, and personality.

Combat is done on grid-based battlefields. Players can overcome dismemberment and permadeath through unorthodox means, such as transmogrification and resurrecting the undead. Kev and his squad of mercenaries can enter towns and cities to interact with NPCs such as mayors, monster faction leaders, and celebrities.

Watch the reveal trailer for Happy Bastards down below, along with more info and screenshots.

The path of virtue is for suckers! In Happy Bastards, you play as Kev, a shameless opportunist who will stop at nothing to become the land's most famous "hero". Dazzle the locals with tall tales. Make deals with gullible monsters. Seduce attractive elves into one-night stands. Everyone is expendable, most of all, the band of happy bastards you recruit as mercs to take all the risks while you enjoy the high life. Because in this world, you make a name for yourself through the loot you find, the monsters you kill, and how badass of a show you put on. How will YOU forge your path to fame?


Happy Bastards is a deep tactical RPG with turn-based combat and real-time world exploration:

  • Recruit, upgrade, and customize procedurally-generated mercenaries, each with their own attributes, skills, perks, appearance and personality.
  • Engage in highly tactical grid-based combat, on small conflict-heavy battlefields.
  • Deploy your tactics against a large variety of enemy squads, on battlegrounds that support all manner of approaches.
  • Overcome injuries, dismemberment and permadeath through unorthodox remedies like grafting, transmogrification and raising the dead.
  • Explore a rich hand-crafted world full of distinctive towns, dungeons, and events reflective of their geographical location.
  • Interact with fascinating NPCs, including heroes, mayors, monster faction leaders, town celebrities, and more.
  • Witness your actions influence the real-time simulation of NPCs and monsters, evolving the world in impactful ways.
  • Enjoy high replayability thanks to the many randomly-determined game elements combined with the emergent nature of NPC actions and interactions in the world.

Unique Features

  • Fame is the Name of the Game - Why risk lifting a sword when your disposable mercs can do all the dirty work? Just rely on your silver tongue and shamelessness to build your claim to fame, one flashy act at a time.
  • Tend to Your Unruly Bastards - These ruthless warriors are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Be prepared to babysit in and out of combat as your bastards argue, cause mischief, and speak their minds. Who said being the boss would be easy?
  • Be Hands-On at Arm's Length - Shout commands from a safe distance while your bastards execute each of your combat tactics. Whether ordering a perfectly-timed tag-team ability or sacrificing a human meat shield, you make the call, but never take the fall.
  • All the Scheming, None of the Guilt - Lead a morally-bankrupt campaign across a parody-filled fantasy world. Every town, hero, and monster faction can be turned ally or foe, so choose wisely because you'll have to live—and your bastards likely die—with the consequences.
Happy Bastards