Epic Store Database entries reveal Final Fantasy 16 PC and what appears to be Final Fantasy 9



Epic Games has updated the Epic Game Store with the following statement sent to RPG Site.

“We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog.”

The original version of this article is below.


Originally spotted via the Famiboards forum, a new third-party website for databasing the Epic Games Store has recently launched, called EpicDB, which seems to catalog Epic's PC storefront in a similar way that the well-known SteamDB does for Valve's.

On EpicDB, you can simply search a publisher name and see all the games listed from them, including unreleased games, although these are typically labeled with codenames. While you can search for any publisher that releases games on the storefront, most interestingly to us, if you search Square Enix (Japan), you'll find a handful of codenames for unreleased games. Two in particular are especially interesting to note: "skobeloff" and "momo".

Final Fantasy XVI

The first one is a gimme. The project labeled as "skobeloff" is explicitly relating to Final Fantasy XVI. On EpicDB, each game has several 'items' attached to it, which give various details about the game's listing on the Epic Games Store. In this case, the "skobeloff Staging" item lists a pathway for save files, which is:

{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY XVI/EOS/{EpicID}/

Final Fantasy XVI has already been confirmed for a PC release, so this is not necessarily new information, but it does give an indication what type of information might be found in the database for unreleased games. It may also bring into question about what PC storefront Final Fantasy XVI may launch on, though.

[Note: A screen-capture of the listing is here]

However, the project labeled "momo" is a bit more interesting.

Final Fantasy IX (?)

Art from the original Final Fantasy IX, to be clear.

The project labeled "momo" is a little less clear cut, but it's a Square Enix Japan game, and it lists several items that Final Fantasy IX fans may find familiar, including:

  • Early-Purchase Bonus ‘Tetra Master Starter Pack’
  • Pre-order Bonus ‘Thief’s Knives’
  • Cuisine Set

[Note: A screen-capture of the listing is here]

Tetra Master is the name of Final Fantasy IX's card-based mini-game, no confusion there. Thief’s Knives could easily be an early bonus weapon for Zidane, and while it requires a bit of speculation and assumption, a Cuisine Set could be related to quirky party member Quina.

Final Fantasy IX Remake has been a topic of discussion for quite a while now, ever since it originally appeared as part of the massive Nvidia GeForce leak in 2021. Final Fantasy IX items showing up in mobile spinoffs like Final Fantasy Ever Crisis only bring more fuel to the fire.

Will Square Enix soon finally announce Final Fantasy IX Remake for real? I hope so anyway.