Visions of Mana releases on August 29 worldwide simultaneously

Square Enix has announced that the next mainline installment of the Mana series, Visions of Mana, is launching on August 29. It will be releasing on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam).

The new release date trailer revealed that the game will have a total of five playable characters. Aside from Val, Careena, and Morley who have previously been shown, new characters Palamena and Julei will join players as they progress throughout their journey in Visions of Mana.

Each playable character can freely switch to a new class with the power of the elementals; a total of eight elementals were teased in the trailer. Characters have unique abilitles and skills apart from one another with each elemental class.

Aside from the five playable characters, several non-playable companions can act as supporting characters in combat and provide assistance to players. Some of the support characters shown were Hinna, Ramcoh, and Aesh.

A lot of new footage was shown in the release date trailer from different traversal methods on the world map and a variety of combat segments.

Watch the release date trailer for Visions of Mana down below in either English or Japanese. We've also shared the press release with details on special editions, alongside a bunch of art and screenshots.

English Visions of Mana Release Date Trailer

Japanese Visions of Mana Release Date Trailer

Today, Square Enix unveiled a colorful new trailer for the next mainline instalment to the Mana series, Visions of Mana, and announced that the game is releasing Aug. 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation4 (PS4), Xbox Series X|S and PC. The new trailer for the highly anticipated action-RPG reveals new playable characters and gameplay features that players will encounter on their exciting journey. Pre-orders for Visions of Mana are now available across all platforms*.

Visions of Mana is a brand-new story and mainline entry to the Mana series and follows the journey of Val, a newly appointed soul guard who is tasked with accompanying his childhood friend Hinna, a chosen alm, to the Tree of Mana. The new trailer introduces new characters Palamena and Julei, who Val and Hinna befriend on their journey through the vast world to reach the Tree of Mana. In Visions of Mana, players will be able to build their own three-person dream team while in battle, switching between the five playable characters, Val, Careena, Morley, Palamena, and Julei, with supporting companions Ramcoh, Aesh and Hinna assisting from the side.

The new trailer provides a closer look at some of the latest gameplay features, including the Elemental Vessels, the mystical artifacts that house the power of the elements within them. Players can use the Elemental Vessels to change classes and gain new abilities during battles. With each character possessing their own specific class for each Elemental Vessel, players can customize their team lineup to enjoy a flexible, fast-paced fighting style. Visions of Mana also sees the return of the series staple in-battle Ring Menu, allowing players to pause combat and plan out their next move. Elemental triggers can also be found throughout the vibrant world and used to unlock new places to explore and find hidden items on the map.
Players can even sail the sea or soar above the clouds with the beloved travel companions Vuscav and Flammie. By summoning these trusty companions, players will easily be able to traverse across the open waters and the world map. 

Square Enix also shared details for the digital Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition of Visions of Mana, which are available to pre-order* now for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation4 (PS4), Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players who pre-order either the digital Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive in-game item “Brave Blade” weapon for Val as a pre-order bonus**. Additionally, players who purchase either the digital Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition before Sept. 30, 2024, will also receive the following in-game items as early purchase bonuses***: “Guardian Garment” outfit for Val, as well as a “Starter Pack,” a set of items that can be used to boost the amount of experience points and lucre earned for a fixed amount of time.

  • Digital:
    • Standard Edition
    • Digital Deluxe Edition – Includes Mana Superstars Costume Set, Mana Series BGM Bundle and 24 hours Early Access****
      • Digital Deluxe Upgrade – Can be purchased to upgrade previously purchased digital Standard Edition, adding Digital Deluxe Edition contents
      • Players who purchased Physical Standard Edition can obtain the same content as the “Digital Deluxe Upgrade” by purchasing the “Mana Superstars Costume Set” and “Mana Series BGM Bundle,” sold separately.
 A physical Standard  Edition is also available to pre-order now for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation4 (PS4)***** and Xbox Series X|S. Players can also look forward to a physical Collector’s Edition, available to pre-order now exclusively from the Square Enix Store for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4)***** and Xbox Series X|S. Players who pre-order*** either the physical Standard Edition or the Collector’s Edition will receive the “Guardian Garment” outfit and “Starter Pack” as a pre-order bonus. 
  • Physical:
    • Standard Edition
    • Collector’s Edition – Includes Ramcoh Plush, Art of Mana Special Issue (Art Book), Visions of Mana Original Soundtrack Collector’s Edition Special Box

 Since the series’ debut in 1993 as Final Fantasy Adventure, a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series, Mana games have immersed players in bright vibrant worlds, breathtaking environments, heart-warming characters and high fantasy storylines across many genres and platforms. Based on 30 years of legacy, Mana Series Producer Masaru Oyamada and his team are incorporating everything they have learned from the last 17 Mana games to ensure that Visions of Mana is a faithful addition to the series that fans know and love, while also offerings fans and newcomers a fresh new experience with an all-new story, characters and gameplay mechanics.

* Steam version available to pre-order from 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PDT on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
** Available for download from 29/08/2024 until 23:59 on 28/08/2025. Bonus available to customers who pre-order the game before 23:59 on 28/08/2024.
*** Early purchase bonus available to customers who purchase the game before 16:59 BST on 30/09/2024.
**** 24-hour Early access start times differ depending on platform. Please check the individual purchase pages for more details.
***** The PS4 Physical Standard Edition and PS4 Physical Collector’s Edition is not available in North America.

Visions of Mana