Battle Suit Aces brings a sci-fi themed card game-RPG blend from the creators of Battle Chef Brigade

Trinket Studios, developers of the cooking fantasy RPGĀ Battle Chef Brigade, has swapped its chef's hat for a pilot's harness with its next game, Battle Suit Aces. Announced on June 8th during the Future of Play Direct broadcast, Battle Suit Aces is a "card battling RPG" that evokes visions of classic sci-fi and mecha anime with its art style and character designs. At the moment, the game does not have a release window, but is slated to debut on PC via Steam.

Here's the full announcement trailer:

The Battle Suit Aces trailer features a hand-drawn 2D art style similar to that seen in Battle Chef Brigade. Players will captain the starship USS Zephyr, a ship fighting against an alien force called the Frenzied. They'll interact with over 50 fully-voiced characters and form relationships with them, as well as with factions of the game's setting, with their decisions and bonds with their crew influencing the character of the narrative, and ensuring variety for future replays.

Combat in Battle Suit Aces is carried out using a deck-building and card battle style, pitting hands of five cards against each other. Between battle, players will be able to customize the Zephyr's hull and optimize their strategies and pilots. They'll also be able to craft mods to upgrade their battle suits with and improve their combat potential.

Battle Suit Aces is in development for PC.

Battle Suit Aces