Archetype Entertainment shares Green Worlds cinematic trailer for sci-fi action-adventure RPG Exodus

Archetype Entertainment has released a new "Green Worlds" trailer for upcoming sci-fi action-adventure RPG Exodus.

Since the game's announcement at The Game Awards 2023, Archetype Entertainment has been regularly posting concept art, lore details, and Q&As on the game's official website.

The new trailer can be found below, alongside a flavor-text description of the trailer contents.

Green Worlds – Our new home?

The promise of a new life here in Centauri. After fleeing a dying Earth and surviving a grueling, over-crowded decades-long voyage (thousands of decades in real-time, if you are not moving at almost the speed of light). Not to mention, being packed into an ark ship cryopod, with rising hardships and dwindling hope… Green Worlds are humanity’s new refuge. Here, we restart our lives.

Hard to believe but they sent out a “Green Signal” – the signal that there are habitable worlds waiting for us in the Centauri Cluster. A message that could only have been sent by those in the ark ships that arrived thousands of years before us, letting us know they found our new home.  But are we safe? Ark ship communication has gone cold. The signal was sent so long ago. Is this our new “green” frontier? How can we know, for sure?

Hark! A green world. Emerald, some would say! Is this our green world? Maybe. But, even the green worlds can be misleading. Some are uninhabitable, or worse deadly, their atmospheres hostile to humanity.

As our sensors scan, we wonder - can we trust this green land to the seeding of our new civilization? Or are we so desperate for salvation that we only see what we want to see? Is this the fresh start the Hammercross crew has been waiting for, or is it a mirage painted in green, hiding new threats?

The Colonel will guide us. Save us. Lead us in turning this new Green World into golden fields and blue skies. He will guide us to a future of prosperity and abundance…