The Relic: The First Guardian first gameplay trailer shows off dark medieval action RPG combat

Publisher Perp Games and developer Project Cloud Games unveiled some new gameplay footage for fantasy action RPG The Relic: The First Guardian. Originally announced in late 2023 with a lengthy overview trailer, the game resurfaced at the Future Game Show with some more gameplay promoting its different weapon styles.

The game's first announcement trailer emphasized the game's "apocalyptic fantasy world," which casts players as the Guardian, a heroic figure trying to save the once-prosperous land of Arsiltus. Players must reassemble the great relic to close the void that destroyed the land in the first place. Players will be able to choose from several different fighting styles defined by their weapons. Weapons like one-handed weapons and shields, longswords, paired daggers, gravity-manipulating battle staffs, and heavy two-handed weapons vary in style and application, allowing players to master them and use them against a variety of threats.

Players will also explore different dungeons to tackle powerful bosses, as well as discover rune magic and obtain treasure. One key point is that The Relic has no level-based progression system, relying more on discovering new runes and upgrading equipment and abilities over gaining levels and stacking attributes.

The Relic: The First Guardian is in development for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5, and is due for release in 2025.

The Relic: The First Guardian