Post-apocalyptic sidescroller action RPG Meifumado slashes its way to Steam on July 18

Old Bit Studio has announced that their upcoming sidescrolling action RPG Meifumado is releasing July 18 on Steam. It takes place in a visually stunning post-apocalyptic world inspired by Japan.

The developer has stated that Meifumado includes non-linear levels and players will obtain a "varied arsenal of weapons and fighting stills" to diversify its combat system. In its release date trailer, players wield a deadly katana, a bow and arrow, and shuriken.

They must manage their stamina to balance their offensive and defensive approaches as they cut down dozens of enemies in their path. Parry incoming strikes and achieve victory at all costs.

Watch the release date trailer for Meifumado down below, along with more information and screenshots.

Meifumado is an action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic, immersive world inspired by Japan.

Features non-linear levels and a diverse combat system offering varied arsenal of weapons and fighting skills at the player's disposal.