PlayStation Taiwan dates the next round of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

It seems previous rumors were somewhat correct.'s Taiwan site has revealed their pricing for Snow and Lightning's upcoming DLC and they're about what we expected.

What's more is they've revealed all recently revealed content, including Lightning's Story, will release on May 15th. Pricing is as follows (Japanese pricing is an estimate):

Snow and Valfodr: NT$152 (¥400)
Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess DLC episode: NT$228 (¥600)
Serah's White Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
Noel's Black Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
Moogle 16 piece costume set: NT$114 (¥300)

Official Japanese, American and European pricing has yet to be announced, but with next week's release date closing in fast, we'll have it for you sooner rather than later.

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