First-person action-adventure RPG Alkahest announced for PC

Developer Push On has announced Alkahest, a first-person action-adventure RPG set to release for PC (Steam). No release date was announced.

Push On is a Cyprus-based team of 42 developers with experience from indie to AAA games. Alkahest is explicitly inspired by Dishonored, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

An announcement trailer, description, details on Push On, and screenshots can be found below, via Push On. The official website is here.

Press Release

Developer Push On proudly reveals Alkahest - an action-adventure RPG set in a murky medieval world where satisfying melee combat with highly interactive environments takes center stage. Players will immerse themselves in fantasy roleplaying as they explore stunningly detailed locations, learn the mystic arts of alchemy, and define their family legacy with each new adventure.

Grounded fantasy adventure

When the sun rises over the kingdom of Kadanor, it casts long shadows. Explore a world mired in feodal turmoil, where the balance of power between the three major houses is fragile.

As the youngest son of a petty lord, you’re no hero. And to become someone, you’ll have to prove your worth through sweat and blood. Investigating unusual goblin raids on the county border may be the chance you've been waiting for.

Explore castles, forests, villages and other realistic settings, while meeting its residents and making interesting decisions on your journey.

Dynamic combat with a focus on interactive environment

Build your combo and execute it against enemies. Drop a tree on their head, kick them off a cliff, set them on fire. In Alkahest, fast-paced close combat within a richly interactive environment takes center stage.

Use all advantages – alchemical potions, daggers, relics, and more! Even a rope can become a deadly weapon in skillful hands.

Master the craft of Alchemy

Instead of magic, Alkahest will feature alchemy, a complex and important game system. Follow a recipe or mix gathered ingredients at your own discretion. Use the substance as a throwable, a weapon oil, plant it into an NPC's pocket or even drink it yourself. In each scenario, outcomes can be unpredictable.

Sticky death or heady encouragement – what are you brewing next?

Immerse yourself in the journey

We are players ourselves and believe in quality over quantity. So a big no to a bloated map and dull filler quests.

We strive to create a highly interactive and believable world with semi open-world locations, packed with secrets and adventure. With branching gameplay options, inspired by Dishonored, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and other genre-defining games.

Key Features

  • Creative melee combat with extensive use of physics and highly interactive environments. Kick enemies off a cliff, drop a tree on their head,s and much more;
  • Alchemy instead of magic. Follow a recipe or mix gathered ingredients at your own discretion. Use the substance as a throwable, a weapon oil, plant it into an NPC's pocket or even drink it yourself. In each scenario, outcomes can be unpredictable;
  • First-person adventure, balanced between scripted gameplay sections and free exploration of semi-open locations;
  • Grounded setting focused on realism and believability, muddy Middle Ages with a fantasy spin; 
  • Story involving personal drama, politics, interesting factions and characters; 
  • Immersive sim elements: aggressive stealth, non-linearity in addressing gameplay tasks, multiple gadgets and unobvious combinations of mechanics. 

About Push On

We are a freshly formed team of developers with extensive experience in gamedev, coming together from various studios and backgrounds - from indie to AAA.

In 2023, we received funding for Alkahest and founded our company, Push On.

We are based in Cyprus with a team of 42 people working on the project, including developers, game designers, a significant art department and other specialists.

We all share the same passion - we have always wanted to create a game in the Adventure RPG genre. Our team consists of fans of The Witcher, Dishonored, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and other great titles.

We believe that over the years, no one has made our dream game, so we’ve decided to make it ourselves.

Stay connected with us on social media, share your feedback, and help spread the word about our game. As a new team, we rely on community support to make our vision a reality

Alkahest Screenshots