Action RPG Summoner brings forth a new release on July 16 for PS5 and PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the upcoming batch of games arriving on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members in July. Along with PSP RPG Jeanne d'Arc receiving a new release, PS2 launch title Summoner  will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 16. Players do not have to sign up for PlayStation Plus and can purchase the title separately when it goes live on the PlayStation Store.

Developed by Volition and published by THQ, Summoner arrived with the North American launch of the PS2 on October 26, 2000; the RPG later came to Europe and Australia in April 2001. It was ported to PC in 2001 and is still available to purchase on Steam.

A sequel, Summoner 2, was later released for the PS2 in 2002 and GameCube in 2003. No PC port was ever made for the game, so it unfortunately is less accessible than its predecessor.

Players step into the shoes of a Summoner named Joseph. Orenian soldiers invaded Joseph's village when he was a child and in response, Joseph summoned a demon to quell them but unfortunately, his summoned demon slaughtered his family and other villagers as well.

Vowing to never utilize the rings of Summoning to his monk mentor Yago, Joseph continues with his life until a new threat comes after him. Murod of Orenia goes after Joseph and his party because a prophecy tells of the Emperor's demise by a Summoner.

Summoner has players and enemies take turns attacking one another in real-time on a 3D battlefield. Deal more damage by extending the party's turn through chain attacks and cleave through foes.

In this PS2 action-RPG, Summoners have toppled empires and challenged gods. With rings crafted by the ancient Khosani, the gifted can call forth demons, dragons, and elementals, but only the strongest can control the forces they unleash. Born with the mark of the Summoner, Joseph possesses a power greater than emperors and gods. As a child, he summoned a demon to save his village, and watched in horror as those he loved were destroyed. Nine years later, the armies of Orenia invade, and Joseph must confront the prophecy he was born to fulfill.