Kingdom Hearts 3D gets a Collector's Edition in the US

Square Enix USA have just announced that they're to release a Collector's Edition of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in the US - the first time the popular series has ever had a Collector's Edition package in the West.

Titled the 'Mark of Mastery Edition', the special package will cost $54.99 and arrive on July 31st, the same day as the regular game.

It includes a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D, a branded clear hard case skin for your 3DS, 12 art cards, 5 augmented reality cards for use in the game and a 360-degree viewing stand designed for use with the game's Dream Eater creature-based AR features. The included AR cards will unlock rare Dream EAters for use in game.

It all comes packaged in a pretty snazzy-looking magnetic box. Square Enix describe it as an "excellent opportunity" to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary, which is this year. Check out the images below, and remember you can find more screens, artwork and videos from KH3D over in the Media Vault.

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