Divinity: Original Sin Revealed


Following up on our news only a couple of weeks ago that something was in the works, Larian Studios has gone ahead and announced their new Divinity game ahead of the annual E3 conference starting next week in Los Angeles. Rather than working on a follow'up to 2009's Divinity II: Ego Draconis, the developers have decided to go back and have another go at it by creating another sequel, a Round 2 if you will.


This time, the game will stick to some of the same elements featured in the original, such as an isometric camera angle as opposed to Divinity II's third-person view. However, the main focus is cooperative player, with even the story revolving around the fate of a tortured man and an amnesiac woman. The dynamics of the partnership will play an important part of where the direction of the plot goes. To that point, the events of the story in Divinity: Original Sin take place directly following where Divine Divinity ended.


I will be seeing this game next week during the E3 Conference, where I am looking forward to sharing with you just what Larian Studios plans on doing to make this game stand out from a field that seems to be growing once again after years of absence with Diablo III, Torchlight, and Grim Dawn.