Final Fantasy 25th anniversary site opens

Square Enix has revised their existing Final Fantasy Portal and instead has turned it into an outpost for all things 25th Anniversary celebration.

In addition to goods and merchandise, each title from the Final Fantasy series is now represented in Amano artwork complete with a full discography link with even more details.

A new section titled "Creator's Voice" has also been added, with the first entry featuring Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada. "We'll take the 25th anniversary as an opportunity to begin our walk towards the next 25 years," says Wada. "In order to make the fans happy, we the developer have just one promise we can make. Outside of talent and ability, we will also make sure development is handled exclusively by creators who feel love of the FF series stronger than anyone else."

Wada joined Square in 2000 right before the release of Final Fantasy IX.

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