Xseed Teases Sequel Annoucement

According to a Kotaku interview with Xseed, the company has some interesting plans for the future including a few sequels on the horizon from recently localized games.  Here's what director of publishing, Ken Berry had to say:

"We will likely be announcing sequels to a couple other titles that we've released in the last year or two.  Maybe in the next month or two."

Corpse Party: Book of Secrets may be likely candidate.  The Half Minute Hero sequel is also a possibility.  Or maybe both are coming.

Berry also had a little bit to say about the Trails in the Sky series.  Despite some implied roadblocks, Xseed is still moving forward with the sequel's localization, possibly putting it on platforms other than PSP if necessary.

"We haven't given up on it.  We're talking possible platform changes, a huge amount of text, technical issues... That one is still difficult."

Optimistic words from Berry.  We'll have more info as it becomes available.

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