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Imagepoch boss hints at western Toki To Towa release

Toki To Towa is likely set to get a western release if recent remarks from developer Imagepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage are a pointer.

When asked by a fan on the possibility of a launch outside Japan, Mikage-san hinted in a tweet the contract for its release was about to be signed.

"The project is progressing," he said, adding: "It contracts soon."

It's not the first time Mikage-san has teased a release of the PS3 exclusive in the west. Last month, he said in an English-speaking tweet he was holding meetings on "whether to sell" the game for the US.

If a release outside Japan were to happen, it's likely Namco Bandai would have first refusal on the release at least due to being the game's publisher in Japan.

For now, Toki To Towa launches later this year in Japan exclusively for PS3.

Thanks, Andriasang.


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