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Additional Dragon's Dogma DLC inbound

Dragon's Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno has all but suggested more DLC is on the way for the game.

"I'm sure many have already cleared the game, but for Dragon's Dogma, we're continuing to prepare new play elements," he told 4Gamer (via Andriasang). "It would be best if you held on to the game for a bit."


Itsuno further added that the support of the RPG - the most expensive game in development by Capcom until the announcement of Resident Evil 6 earlier this year - back in Japan was better than what was previously expected to be.

Capcom has already promised a rosy future for the series with the promise of turning it into a major franchise and the creation of sequels, but he continued that he'd like fans to rally support behind him to make "the next game".

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