Heroes of Ruin demo now available in North America

While our friends over in Europe have had Heroes of Ruin fully available for some time now, North American players are having to wait until July 17th to get their adventuring on.

That said, a demo is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for download. The demo takes place in the Elder Forest and allows players to create custom characters from two classes – Vindicator and Gunslinger. A holy warrior from the Leomar tribe, the Vindicator is a lion-like humanoid who brings righteous fury down upon foes with his terrifying roar and mighty two-handed sword. The Gunslinger excels at ranged combat utilizing his wide array of weapons, such as firearms, explosive incendiaries and throwing knives, and fast-paced tactics. As they progress through the Elder Forest, players will be presented with optional side quests before waging a final battle against the spirit Michadele.

Players will also be able to complete the demo through local/worldwide multiplayer.