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Tales of series producer wants to aim for simultaneous worldwide releases in the future

It's no secret that Tales has typically always had a hard time in the west when it comes to localization schedule. Tales of Graces f and Tales of Xillia, for example, are only seeing an overseas release well after it's in the hands of Japanese fans.

Producer Hideo Baba wants to change all that.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Baba explained, “I’d like to release future Tales games at the same time, or nearer the same time as Japan. When Graces F began development we didn’t have a plan to localize it,” Baba explained. “We have to receive requests from our U.S. or E.U. branches first before we can decide to bring something to the Western markets.”

Only after constant fan requests from Facebook and Twitter did Namco Bandai decide to move forward with localization. “If we know we’re going to localize it from the off then it saves a lot of time. It means that translation can start as soon as the Japanese story is written,” said Baba.

The Tales team is of course quite busy, with work beginning on the next project as soon as the current one wraps up. This can make scheduling localization work difficult.

With Tales of Xillia now announced for the west, Baba says that the sequel, currently in development in Japan, could see an overseas release if the original does well. You know what to do.


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