Next Final Fantasy XIV status update due in August

Although said multiple times at E3, we're here to remind you once again that the next round of major Final Fantasy XIV information is coming in August.

Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation, Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida shared some new information on the upcoming release of FFXIV 2.0 by assuring that once information starts being revealed to expect weekly updates - the team will be ramping up marketing efforts come August.

The first updates will start with the game's new alpha test followed by the beta. Yoshida plans to release a new benchmark around the time of the alpha testing.

Much like the current patched version of FFXIV, 2.0 will offer a lot more direction for players. When you start the game you'll be greeted by a tutorial which will guide you through the adventure.

As mentioned previously, 2.0 will feature a grand Final Fantasy-style story which is something Yoshida says PS3 owners should look forward to. Locations such as the Crystal Tower from FFIII, the dragon knight design similar to FFIV - the staff is trying to preserve the image of Final Fantasy in XIV.

On the graphics front, visuals have gotten a huge overhaul. The team has put a lot of effort into the lighting and shadowing. Much like our own experience, Dengeki was shown the game running on a laptop to which the PS3 version will run quite similar to.

Via: AndriaSang.

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