Another FF:CC DS Scan & Details

We've got our hands on a juicy new scan of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, one of many upcoming Square-Enix titles for the Nitnendo DS. We've also got some translated details, so here goes:

  • The director of the game is Mitsuru Kamiyama - a coder of the original FF:CC

  • The character design is the work of Toshiyuki Itahana, who did the same job on FFIX.

  • The lead characters of the game are twins named Yuri and Cherinka.

  • Like the original, up to four players can play at once.

  • There's an all new jump command in the game.

  • The crystal gauge from the original is now gone.

  • The game will not have full voice acting but will include some voices in it.

  • Single player mode involves swapping between characters (think Lego Star Wars)

  • The game's theme is love and brotherly love.

  • The multiplayer mode currently does not use the Wi-Fi system - Square wants people to play actually in the presence of others.

  • There is currently no confirmation there will be Wi-Fi content of any kind in the game.